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Welcome to Shoulder to Shoulder, a podcast where a pastor and a rabbi get to the heart of issues that matter to people of faith.

May 25, 2022

Pesach and Doug sit down with two of the pastors who visited Israel for the first time with Bishop Robert Stearns on the Eagles Wings pastors trip. This unique episode was recorded with three pastors and a rabbi sitting in a park in Jerusalem together at midnight. Listen to their insights, favorite moments, and...

May 18, 2022

With Doug en route to Israel this week, Pesach conducts a solo interview with CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell. Chris discusses his personal journey to faith (or as he calls it, from Dunkin' Donuts to McDonald's - yes, he explains that phrase), how he ended up spending twenty years in Israel, and his...

May 11, 2022

Doug and Pesach are joined by Jonathan Feldstein of the Genesis 123 Foundation for a frank and wide-ranging discussion of the state of the Jewish-Christian relationship. Jonathan has decades of experience building bridges between our faiths and he shared his perspective on where we are, the challenges we face, and...

May 4, 2022

Pesach and Doug have a deep conversation with Hillel Fuld - a tech influencer, marketer, and blogger about social media, technology, and faith. He shares his journey as an Orthodox Jew in a predominantly secular and politically “woke” industry.