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Welcome to Shoulder to Shoulder, a podcast where a pastor and a rabbi get to the heart of issues that matter to people of faith.

Jun 21, 2023

Last week, Pesach explained his theology of Jewish-Christian dialogue... and that conversation led to significant discussion on social media. In this episode, Doug and Pesach go over some of the responses to that episode, and discuss what both Jews and Christians hope to achieve through interfaith dialogue. How can Christians better internalize the strong Jewish resistance to any conversionary activity? Is it reasonable to expect Christians to ignore the Great Commission when they interact with Jews? Can Jews respect Christians as Christians, and can Christians respect Jews as Jews? It's a fascinating and timely conversation, predicated, as Doug explains, on true mutual respect. Plus: the US State Department is "deeply troubled" about Israeli plans to add new housing units in the West Bank, and Pesach isn't taking it well.