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Welcome to Shoulder to Shoulder, a podcast where a pastor and a rabbi get to the heart of issues that matter to people of faith.

Aug 31, 2022

Join Doug and Pesach for an interview with Markus McFolling, as they unpack his story of football stardom that turned into drug addiction, and the depths he had to go before rediscovering his faith and beating addiction.

Aug 24, 2022

First, Pesach rants about the results left-wing media bias in both Israel and America, with Doug, not surprisingly, the voice of compassion. Then Doug and Pesach welcome Nir Salomon, Executive Director of CRIB Efrat, an Israeli non-profit that helps mothers choose life. Very powerful conversation!

Aug 16, 2022

On this episode Pesach and Doug tackle two interviews. First, we spoke with founders of Grilling for IDF about their incredible mission of lifting the spirits of those men and women serving in defense of Israel by serving them meat with a side of meat. Then we spoke with a young woman who just returned from her first...

Aug 10, 2022

Doug and Pesach welcome pastor, author, and pro-Israel leader Lyndon Barrington Allen. We discuss his recent book which argues that the concept of RACE is the recent invention of anti-Biblical, anti-faith sources. He calls on us to change our language and our thinking about this culturally explosive topic.

Aug 3, 2022

Doug and Pesach sit down with Rabbi Tuly Weisz, founder and director of Israel365 and publisher of The Israel Bible. After Rabbi Tuly shares his personal journey, we discuss what mourning for the destruction of the Temple means to Jews today, and explore the question, "Can we rebuild the Temple already?" (Spoiler...